HSJ Life Sciences Forum

4 June 2019
BMA House, London





The HSJ Life Sciences Forum, now in its second year, is a unique event designed to facilitate collaboration and joint-working between the NHS and industry

There is a vision for the Life Sciences industry in the UK to be a global hub for clinical research and medical innovation. For this strategy to succeed, collaboration across industry and the NHS is vital to support transformation.  

The NHS must build on the Accelerated Access Review and embrace cost-effective innovations for patients. 

The HSJ Life Sciences Forum has been established to stimulate future collaboration between industry and the NHS, foster innovation and tackle the barriers that prevent the relationship realising its full potential.

Key themes will be addressed such as the sharing of data with industry, genomics and innovative trials. All major stakeholders will be present at the forum to drive forward the industrial strategy and contribute towards improving outcomes for patients.

Drive innovation:
Improve access to new treatments and technologies for patients
Foster collaboration:
Break down the barriers preventing effective partnerships being formed
Deliver efficiencies:
Optimise medicines usage and avoid waste to meet ambition of the 5YFV



Updates from central government Insight into the progress made by the Accelerates Access Collaboration Overcome data sharing challenges The role of industry in genomics and personalised medicine
How the NHS approches new drugs being made available Learn how AHSNs are supporting joint learning The evolving role of NICE and MHRA Case studies

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