Why Industry Should Attend

London, Friday 7 June

The HSJ Life Sciences Forum has been created following extensive research with industry and the NHS. More than 50 people contributed to this research to ensure a programme is delivered that meets the needs of all attendees.

This is a unique opportunity for industry and the NHS to come together to discuss their challenges and talk about solutions.

This event, held under the Chatham House Rule, means both parties can have honest and candid discussions on how to develop relationships and drive innovation to ensure patient outcomes are improved and efficiencies are realised.

Drive innovation: Improve access to new treatments and technologies for patients

Join honest debates around making improvements to access for new and existing medicines so a clearer path to improving patient outcomes and services is established. Not enough progress has been made following the Accelerated Access Review and Life Sciences Industrial Strategy; sessions will explore why that is the case and what must change

Foster collaboration: Break down the barriers preventing effective partnerships being formed

Take part in breakout discussions between industry and NHS to assess what innovation is needed for the NHS to achieve its goal of wholesale service redesign in line with the STP and ACS strategy. Gain a better understanding of the specific NHS challenges and the types of offering industry can provide

Deliver efficiencies: Optimise medicines usage and avoid waste to meet ambition of 5YFV

Find out how the RMOCs are operating in practice and what their central goals are. Get insight into what efficiencies they need to make and how this impacts their budgets. Make use of extensive time for Q+A debate to offer solutions on what industry can do to support an NHS that is strapped for cash

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